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Web Space 50 Megabytes
Services and Tools:
Help and Support Comprehensive Help and Support structure to make it as easy as 123!
File Manager To upload and manage files for your custom website when not using our SiteBuilder
Webrings Join a group of websites with similar interests which link to each other...
Corkboard notices Let visitors leave messages / notices for each other on your website!
Form E-mailer Creates a form visitors can fill in with the results being e-mailed to you...
Site Visitor Guestbook Let visitors to your website sign a guestbook and see who else has visited etc.
WebSite Counter Keeps track of how many people view the page that the counter is displayed on
Site Builder Easy Website Builder with many templates, designs, colours, etc. to choose from!
Site Copier / Upload Copy or upload a site you already have built onto your Jislaaik Free WebSite!
Site Promotion 'Tell-a-friend' and Press Release Wizard lets you easily announce your online presence!
Online Help Extensive On-line Help Area as well as Feedback and Complaints/Abuse sections...
+ much more... Customise the 'Banner Advert', create interactive polls with up to 10 questions, Bandwidth monitoring, Site visitor Stats, etc, (Please note some features may periodically change)
File Size Limits 256 kilobytes
Monthly Bandwidth 1024 Megabytes (1 Gig)
E-mail Forwarding Forwards E-mail sent to 'anything'@yoursite.jislaaik.com to your Sign-up e-mail
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