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DorsLand.jislaaik.com - Onthou Namibie se DorsLand (Thirstland) Trekkers!
Gravity.jislaaik.com - Internal gravity in Celestial bodies? Dinkum!
Witspark.jislaaik.com - A Sports Complex & members club in Crown Mines for Telkom staff
AfrikaansTABS.jislaaik.com - Musiek en woorde vir bekende liedtjies ens. in Afrikaans...
SignUp.jislaaik.com - The place to signup for your own free website - tell your friends!!
Padlangs.jislaaik.com - Gesels oor als en nog wat in Afrikaans, padlangs...
ZwelethuPower.jislaaik.com - A platform for youth business enterprises...
Duo.jislaaik.com - Advanced telephone cabling and points installations on the Highveld
www.CompusMentis.com = Scorpio.Jislaaik.com - Note the cloaked web redirection!
ShaniaTwain.jislaaik.com - A Shania Twain fansite... she rocks!
ClassOf82.jislaaik.com - Westville Girls High School reunion from 1982!
Randburg92.jislaaik.com - Onlangse tien jaar re-unie van Hoerskool Randburg matrieks!
Hoogte92.jislaaik.com - Is dit al tien jaar?!! Voortrekkerhoogte re-unie in Oktober!
BritneyHotel.jislaaik.com - Pics and stuff of Britney...!
Cabins.jislaaik.com - East Rand Cabins and Wendy houses built to plan
Cape2VancouverGuesthouse.jislaaik.com - Good old South African hospitality in Canada...
JultClan.jislaaik.com - The JulT Clan strongly beleive in trust, loyalty and friendship!
EJansen-Safaris.jislaaik.com - 24 000 acres for photo and hunting safaris in the Limpopo Valley!
Harambe.jislaaik.com - Tyres, fitment, tow-in, diesel and petrol repairs in the Lowveld!
ASC.jislaaik.com - a Beauty Adviser for Avroy Shlain Cosmetics & products in the UK!
Peti.Q.jislaaik.com - Privaat en Korparatiewe sosiaal reelings in Pretoria!
EduWorld.jislaaik.com - Wooden educational toys for kids from Egypt!
Stefanus.jislaaik.com - Handige informasie oor digitale foto's en video
JennyS.jislaaik.com - A Shell shop in Hermanus...
HarryPotter.jislaaik.com - Downloads and theme stuff for wizard kids...
MF.jislaaik.com - Lekker lag met die' grappe en spotprente!
Thomas.jislaaik.com - Lees sy 'Brief aan Pres. Thabo' vanaf Engeland!
DoD.jislaaik.com - MX & ATV extreme bike moviemakers from Cape Town!
AndrePBrink.jislaaik.com - 'n werf oor Die bekende skrywer met boeke te koop!
SafeCabNagel.jislaaik.com - Airport, sight-seeing, sports, school trips, etc. in Cape Town...
FoursomeConnection.jislaaik.com - For kitchen and built-in cupboards in Gauteng...
OVF.jislaaik.com - Hierdie mense VOEL...!
AVS.jislaaik.com - A Virtual Service taking care of all that office stuff!
FredHerbst.jislaaik.com - A Jislaaik! Freesite cleverly used for a CV!
Bardatious.jislaaik.com - Making Functions into memories...
KustomKutVeg.jislaaik.com - Farm fresh vegetables cleaned and cut to order...
Sutherland.jislaaik.com - Guest house near the Largest Telescope in the Southern hemisphere
Catscradle.jislaaik.com - A place to get away in the Eastern Cape...
Llugols.jislaaik.com - Or 'really' getaway in the mountains in France...
Marhabba-Ahlaan.jislaaik.com - South Africans in Dubai keeping in touch!
5moonswebsites.jislaaik.com - Kewl Flash into...
Ag.Jislaaik.com - cool name! SA family settled in USA
Andy.jislaaik.com - Training, a good use for a jislaaik! freewebsite!
Rainbowtoys.jislaaik.com - Wooden Childrens Toys!
Aspergers.jislaaik.com - A Durban family living with Aspergers in SA...
Prinsloo.jislaaik.com - A S.A. family living in ... . ... The Platteland!
MynBou.jislaaik.com - Belt Trap installation and mining industry stuff!
Fabo.jislaaik.com - A dogs life?? Pets Page
Herd.jislaaik.com - Larger than life designs - Huge bottles to jumping castles
Snykant.jislaaik.com - Cutting edge christianity...
Sutherland.jislaaik.com - Guest house near the Largest Telescope in the Southern hemisphere
Weed.jislaaik.com - From Durb's too, say no more!
Cape.jislaaik.com - A different idea - The Cape as a Country!
See some more jislaaik.com hosted sites... - You never know what you might find!
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